If you really want to increase your Google Adsense Revenue then you have to keep doing experiments with your ad placement including ad sizes. But it is really difficult for beginners to do experiments because they are in learning stage and it may take much time for them to learn about it. Below is few simple tweaks which you can do in no time to increase your Google Adsense earning from the day 1. I have already applied it on this blog and Revenue is increasing day by day. That is the main reason I want to share it with you all so that you can also increase your Google Adsense Revenue.

Change Adsense Unit Colors to Increase Your Revenue

Yes, to increase Google adsense revenue, you have to change the color of your adsense ads. You will find many people suggesting about default Google adsense color i.e. Blue & Green format. But it doesn’t work with every blog. It is better to keep the colors of ad unit depending on your theme background & other color format. If you are using light color theme for your blog, then I will suggest you to use the format shown in the following screenshot. You can check our adsense ad format to understand more.

Change Hyperlink Color of Your Blog

This is one of the real trick that can increase Google Adsense Revenue for your blog, double or even more. Now, you have to replace the color of hyperlink in your blog to the same color which you are using for your adsense ad title. Because visitors generally navigate through same colored link to read more. You can check our blog’s link color with adsense unit. Both will look same and hence visitors will treat adsense ads as a link of your website and can visit those ads.

Don’t Underline Hyperlinks in Your Blog

Visitors have tendency to visit underlined links in a webpage to read more article. Since Google adsense ads comes with underlined format, so don’t use underline property of hyperlinks in your blog. You can easily change this property in CSS file, if you are using wordpress theme. Now, only Google ads with have underline property and hence you will receive more clicks on your Google adsense ads.

Visited Link Color Can Decrease Google Adsense Revenue

If you are using different color property for visited hyperlink and default hyperlinks then it will really look odd on your webpage. Visitors will see different type of colors on visited and non-visited links which may distract your visitors and hence you will not receive better clicks on your adsense ads. Try to use same color property for both type of links.

Place Adsense Ads Just Below the Title of the Post

Since Google adsense ad will analyze the content of your blog before showing relevant ads, place your adsense unit just below title of your post. It will help adsense ads to show relevant ads for your webpage and hence your cost per click may increase.

Above tips are based on my personal experience with increasing by Google adsense Revenue. I will highly recommend you to do these changes in your blog for a week and I am sure your Google adsense Revenue for that week will be higher compared to other weeks.